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Area family

Unfortunately one of the relevant fields in the private investigations is related to domestic violence, which produce in people acute suffering and unbalancing the emotional state and self-esteem of the person.

Divorce is the end of the bond of marriage that occurs by mutual agreement of the spouses, either because one of them has decided to separate. Regardless which was the same mode, It is certainly a psychological process with profound impact on the lives of the two and children, in the event that any. However, together with double rupture involved the distribution of assets and custody of the minor child(ren) in common (in case you have them), aspects that are not always treated in an atmosphere of friendliness and honesty.

For this reason and given work experience, Canary Islands DETECTIVES provides private investigation services to detect:

  • Abnormal behavior, unjustified expenditure, Addictions, compulsive gambling...
  • Marital infidelity
  • Control of minors.
  • Non-payment of pensions (hidden jobs).
  • Review of the spousal, modification of the agreement.
  • Premarital reports.
  • Control of visitation, control of the custody, effective guardianship.
  • Location and search for people, goods...
  • Inheritances, location of heirs.
  • Control of domestic.
  • The order of estrangement and other breaches of judicial control.
  • Fraudulent school enrollment.
  • Tracking, surveillance, against surveillance.
  • Offences prosecutable on request.
  • Abandonment of home.
  • Fictitious marriages, coexistence of fact
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