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Intellectual and Industrial property

Industrial property protects all creations related to the industrial sector, i.e., patents and utility models, distinctive signs and designs.

Intellectual property is the set of rights that correspond to the authors and other holders (artists, producers, broadcasting organizations, etc.) with regard to works and performances which are the result of its creation and which have been expressed in any medium. I.e., protects as well them called "creations of the spirit in which is reflected the personality of the author, "trying to creations unique and not produced industrially or in series". Given the experience carried out successfully in several campaigns at the national level both in the scope of the Industrial property as Intellectual, Canary Islands DETECTIVES puts at your disposal its services of private investigation to obtain the necessary evidence and to confirm the suspicions of our customers.

In the development of campaigns we always act in a personalized way, using the most suitable to each case resources, with the necessary technological support and always acting within the existing legal framework.

Industrial property:

  • Registration or validity of intellectual property rights
  • Brands – brands; designs; domain names
  • Patent – patent license; violation of these; falsification of the labelling, advertising, Add-ins; smuggling
  • Know-how

Intellectual property:

  • Violation of copyright
  • Counterfeiting, distribution, illicit trade in copies
  • The fight against piracy
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