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Litigation support

Litigation Support is the term that the services are known to help lawyers.

These services not only reduce the assistance or support they need in a judicial process, but they they serve to offer specialist advice on evidentiary matters on a regular basis and as a source of additional information, that involved a formerly private detective, during and after a judicial procedure, either of civilian, Criminal, labor...

The private detective will obtain the information and evidence required, video graphics, documentaries, or reports that they allow the lawyer offer maximum guarantees to its customers before the judicial process:

  • Breach of contract
  • Professional intrusion
  • research on successions
  • Collections Management and asset recovery
  • Location of defendants
  • Control over shop stewards and workers representatives
  • Exclusivity
  • Location and valuation of goods
  • Identifying the goods or objects that may be subject to measures precautionary
  • Location and evaluation of witnesses and evidence
  • Research on hoists for goods and fraudulent bankruptcy
  • Research in the field of urban leases
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